Have Questions?

We’re happy to answer any of your questions about open play or private parties.  Answers to our most frequently asked questions are below, if you have additional questions, please contact us at 209-224-8684 or contact us online.

COVID 19 Protocol/Cleaning Procedures

As you know, we have always taken the health and safety of our kiddos and customers very seriously and will continue to do so through this time!
We have always cleaned and sanitized every surface in our place daily… when we opened 5 years ago, we purchased state of the art antimicrobial ball pit balls with GermBLOCK Technology.  We have always cleaned the ball pit balls using a HyGenie machine that has a patented 3 step ball cleaning process.  It scrubs ball pit balls over their entire surface while being washed in antibacterial detergent and exposed to ultraviolet light sterilization.

We have also added a virus barrier from a company named Sanitize and Defend.  This barrier is applied to every surface at the Bug.  It’s a 2-step process, very through and safe and kills all viruses, including Covid-19 for 90 days.


-We have our sanitation stations at the front door, by the gate to the play area as well as outside the restrooms.

-Any visible signs of sickness, i.e. cough, sneezing, runny nose please stay home.



We want to do our very best to have a fun, clean environment for everyone!

Is there an age limit?
Our play place is most suitable for babies and young children through kindergarten age, but we’ve seen older children enjoy it as well.  We do also encourage parents and caregivers to play too!
What are parent/guardian responsibilities during open play?
Open play at Ginger Bugs is not supervised by our staff.  It is the parent’s responsibility to supervise their children. While we are available to assist, the overall responsibility of each child falls on their parent or guardian.  We reserve the right to ask bullies to leave and refuse service to anyone
Are there clothing requirements?

Guests (regardless of age) must wear shirts, pants, and socks at all times. Diapers and underwear must be covered by diaper covers, pants or shorts.

How clean is your facility?
Ginger Bugs takes pride in their cleanliness! We disinfect our germblock™  balls with a commercial ball washing machine, and special detergent that is non-toxic. Our cleaners eliminate 99.9% of germs, viruses, and bacteria and we are continuously wiping down all surfaces and toys throughout the day. Our top priority is to provide the healthiest, cleanest, and safest environment possible for our guests.
Are outside food and beverages allowed?
We know parents don’t leave the house without snacks and sippy cups, however, please be reasonable.  We do sell snacks, drinks, small pizzas and more!
Can you accommodate special needs children?
We are a special-needs-friendly party location that can accommodate a child on the autism spectrum or anyone with sensory sensitivities. By only hosting one party at a time we cater to all ages and offer gender-neutral parties as well.

We have consulted with a special needs behavioral therapist and parents of special needs children and know how important sensory play is by focusing on stimulating children’s senses of sight, sound, smell, touch, balance and movement. We know every child is different so we will work with you every step of the way to make certain your party is happy and memorable.

COMING SOON: Sensory Days & Movement/Music Classes